After the visit in Assisi we headed to a camp an hour away. At the same time as we arrived to the dark abandoned entrance the owner arrived. She said they didn’t open this year for some ongoing reconstructions. Well, bad luck. But remember to be bold! I asked if she would mind if we slept in front of the gate. Should not be a problem without a tent. Do you remember the first night in Austria? Also sleeping plain next to the car? History repeats itself…

So we had a good (cold) night sleep. I didn’t bring the real sleeping bags to the summer Italy. I packed just a fleece inaserts. It was OK.
So, a new day, direction seaside – Rimini.
My dad had a beautiful idea of stopping at this random castle we saw on the way…

It is called Gradara. It is a smaller masion, reconstructed in the 20′ of 20th century. All seems very nice, traditional, ancient. And the sell Harry Potter wands and Hermiona’s time machines in the shops! How awesome is that?
The next stop is 5th richiest country in the world, 61 square meters big, 30.000 inhabitants living in a countr with history going back to 301. Established and named after Marino. You are right San Marino (he became Saint later on).

Interesting how the republic resisted unification of Italy and kept its independence.
Anyways, we viaited one of the 3 fortdesses on the Monte Titano. Unfortunately the 2nd highest.
A very small reconstructed castle provides an excelent view from its 753m above the sea level (sea is 10km away).
With a slightly colder (less than 1000 degrees at noon) evening. 90km of beach hosts thousands of turists. We picked a camp, parked and went for a bath.
The sea is shallow and warm. We stayed long on the beach to talk about life and continued even longer at the camp before we crowled into the tent and fell asleep.

As we could find anyone to pay to, I would say it was quite a cheap camp.

P.S.: There was one shocking thing in a shop in Rimini. Products with Hitler’s motif. What do you think about this monstrosity?

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