Travelling Wedding Photographer

I had an idea for a dream job for about seven years now. I have decided to move forward with it and change a well paid stable job for a project that has always been a dream to me. But let me start from the top…

From a hobby to a dream job

I was always running around with a camera shooting photos and videos of my trips to the mountains, events and in my teens I’ve even made two movies (with the help of funds and friends – a nice F&F). As all of that was fun and I learned new techniques of shooting & editing.

photographer’s learning curve

A few year later I started to shoot wedding photos, occassionaly videos as well. I started around my hometown in Czechia and went to national and international scene slowly. From a photographer’s perspective it is a nice challenge – different styles come to play throughout the day: documentary, portrait, fashion, venue, landscape, macro…

With every wedding I learned more about the weddings themselves: the traditions, the rules, people’s interactions. There are certain things that repeat at every wedding and there is always something new. There are different habbits from one region to another and I started to collect them in order to better prepare for the shooting the next time.

Some traditions are the same within one country, they are completely different in another. Different size of the wedding cakes is not as interesting as different bride’s dress color.

Currently, I collected contemporary used traditions in Czechia and I continue to ask for older traditions while I structure them for a photo book. To combine my biggest passions – photography and travelling I came up with a project to collect wedding traditions on all the continents, including Antarctics.

There are bigger differences than we realize – the duration of the wedding vary from a few hours to several days, colors can be totally different, role of the family is closer or more distant and don’t even get me started on the meal!

The Project is called How We Married – I will travel around the world as a wedding photographer and show in the visual image the variations of the wedding days on all the continents.

The Book

The most schocking and different traditions will be described and displayed in a photobook. The book will be kind of a guide to wedding traditions in various locations. People usually get married in their birth location with local traditions. Huge amount of location weddings is happening every year with mixed traditions. I can even imagine handpicking some perfect and the most beautiful ideas into a nice mix. Let this book be an inspiration and a source of an amusement.

The book is targetted for the ones preparing for a wedding, currious individuals, photographers and travelers.

The Documentary

I am discussing an option to have a filmmaker with me to shoot a documentary about the traditions.

The Project has it’own dedicated website where even more features will be posted. I’ve decided to record interviews with older wedding participants describing their weddings traditions. You will be able to listen to those recordings there.

How does it work?

The couples will book me as their wedding photographer, we will discuss the traditions in their country and region and later they can find themselves a part of the book. Not everyone will be part of every chapter but obviously the most significant and key traditions will be represented by the real new-weds.

I’m turning to you for your help. Do you know anyone getting married? Let them know about this project, let them check my wedding pictures I am really excited to shoot my favourite photo discipline, to see the happiest people and tell their story supported by local traditions. Let’s roll.

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