Modena’s supercars

The city of Modena is connected to the car racing like a headache to a cheap alcohol. This is one of the places where the cars were experiencing their youth. Born in Germany, made beautiful machines here.

It was here where the racing was destilated and injected into the vains of the enthiusiasts like Enzo Ferrari.

We planned two stops at museums of Lamborghini and Ferrari. We learned abiut the history of Maserati too in the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena as the Maserati brothers were born and raised here too. The Museum is a beautiful building by the Czech architect Kaplicky.

There is also another racing museum in Ferrari’s production site 20km south from Modena – Maranello. Pagani also has a factory here.

This is a supercars Jerusalem!

No words are needed, just enjoy the gallery.

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