Top 5 Roads for Motorbikers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Mostar to Neum

Road characteristics: 130 km, 2:15

Road quality: 5/5

Start from the beautiful city of Mostar on the road R424 It will take you to local sights such as Kravica waterfalls and UNESCO sights in Radimlje on the road M6 to M-17.3. Both theese M-roads are of a highway quality with none or a very little traffic. Road characteristic is long fast turns suitable for sport bikes.

This scenic road journey takes you from the historic city of Mostar to the picturesque coastal town of Neum, stretching across stunning Bosnian landscapes. The road is well-suited for adventure touring motorcycles and cruisers, offering a mix of smooth tarmac and winding stretches that lead you through lush green valleys and along the glistening Neretva River. As you ride, you’ll encounter charming traditional villages and ancient stone bridges that showcase Bosnia’s rich history and culture. The highlight of this route is Neum, the only coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and an opportunity to unwind on its beautiful beaches. This road promises an unforgettable journey, combining cultural exploration with the allure of the Adriatic coast.

Tip: Optional detour to M-17.6 to Svitavsko jezero

4. Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

Road characteristics: 250 km, 4:50

Road quality: 4/5

The road D223 starts at the coast, actually in Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Change to road 223 and cross over to Herzegovina. Road changes to a fast M20 passing Bilečko jezero. It slows down as the turns start to be more tight in the National Park Sutjeska. Go across the park and turn left to M18 that slows you down with traffic until you arrive to Sarajevo.

This epic road adventure takes you from the enchanting coastal city of Dubrovnik in Croatia to the vibrant capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, covering diverse landscapes. The route is well-suited for adventure and touring motorcycles, featuring a combination of smooth highways and winding mountain roads. As you ride through the picturesque Balkan countryside, you’ll be immersed in lush forests, rolling hills, and historic towns. The journey also offers a chance to explore the storied city of Mostar, famous for its iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge) and blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Upon arriving in Sarajevo, you’ll be enchanted by its captivating mix of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and contemporary influences. This road promises an unforgettable fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Tip: This road would work great in the opposite direction as well.

3. Kazarac to Vrbaška

Road characteristics: 50 km, 1:00

Road quality: 4/5

Follow R477 across national Park Kozara. Road goes steep from Kazarac to the war monument on the Mrakovica hill (804 masl), nice and slowly declining road from there. The road is full of closed curves with low traffic.

Embark on an exciting ride from Kazarac to Vrbaška, spanning across captivating Bosnian landscapes. This road is best suited for smaller versatile bikes. The route presents a combination of smooth roads and challenging sections that take you through picturesque valleys and alongside serene rivers. As you ride, you’ll have the chance to explore charming rural villages and connect with the warm-hearted locals. The highlight of this route is Vrbaška, known for its natural beauty and inviting atmosphere. This road promises a delightful journey, offering a unique glimpse into the authentic and unspoiled heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Banja Luka to Konjič

Road characteristics: 230 km, 4:15

Road quality: 3/5

Leave Banja Luka direction south on R411 leading to a hily road. Change to E761 leading by Veliko Plivsko jezero (lake) further down E661 and M5. You will have a choice of lakes to admire and to stop by for a snack and photo. M16 will lead you to Jablaničko jezero and to finish the road on M16.2 and E73 in Konjic. Enjoy your stay and try to find a room with a view on this beautiful blue.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure from Banja Luka to Konjič, covering diverse Bosnian landscapes. This road is ideal for adventure touring and dual-sport motorcycles. The route combines smooth highways and twisty mountain roads, taking you through breathtaking canyons, dense forests, and historic towns. As you ride, you’ll be captivated by the charm of traditional Bosnian villages and have the opportunity to explore the fascinating history of Jajce and its impressive waterfalls. Arriving in Konjič, you’ll be enchanted by its idyllic location on the Neretva River, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and exploration. This road promises an unforgettable journey, highlighting the natural splendor and cultural richness of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. Tomislavgrad to Drvar

Road characteristics: 150 km, 2:30

Road quality: 5/5

Follow road M-6.1 towards west and turn to south-west around lake Buško jezero on M-107. Reconnect to M-6.1 leading to Livno, there are beautiful long straight plains.

Plains will start turning into a hilly area with smooth curves with a great visibility, cahnging to road M-141.2 at Bosansko Grahovo. The road is just getting better and better. Have a nice relax – beer or a coffee in the small city of Drvar.

This thrilling road adventure connects the enchanting town of Tomislavgrad to the historic town of Drvar, stretching approximately 150 km across captivating Bosnian landscapes. The road is well-suited for adventure and dual-sport motorcycles as well as cruizers and choppers. As you ride, you’ll be immersed in the breathtaking beauty of the Dinaric Alps, with scenic mountain passes and winding roads that lead you through lush valleys and alongside clear rivers. The highlight of this route is Drvar, known for its fascinating history and World War II landmarks. This road beckons those seeking a journey into the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural beauty and rich heritage.

Tip: Take this road at a golden hour of sunset.

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