We booked a room in a medieval city of Florence 20min from the city centre and joined a group of the Free walking tour starting at 5pm. The guide walked us through the history made by the Medici family. I absolutely love them, it started with a TV series Leonardo (check it out, you have to see it).

A look into a history how the family came from the countryside and took over the city by money, power and marriages to become probably the most powerful family in Europe at some point. Names like Cosmo, Lorentzo Il Magnifico, pope Leo… The history is vreathing through the beautiful city architecture. The Duomo, Michelangelo’s chapel, dozens of churches, little streets, Ponte Vechio bridge and almost anything you lay your eyes on in the centre.

You also see that one of the key products of Florence is leather. Is is offered in many forms at the markets and the shops.
Unfortunately many places such as Duomo are booked out way in the advance so I suggest to you a prebooking if you really want to visit.

We spent more than 24h in the city and it did not dissapoint me in any way.
Trully The city of Rennesance, with beautiful statues and spitit of Maestro Leonardo da Vinci will welcome you and forever stay in your mind.

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