We reschuffled and Gertruda got a new trip member. We left Rome with me behind the wheel. A few wrong turns as I was on offline navi as I overused the data (extra data package paid, it is OK again 🙂 ). Anyways, we are heading back north. First stop: Assisi.

Assisi has a good location on the map in regards to our plans, the name rings the bell, Francis from Assisi. Besides of that I had no clue what to expect. Amd it is as they say: The best things come unexpected.
It is a medieval town on the top of the hill with a monastery build in the 13th century. The streets are clean, nice, old looking, atmosphere is amazing. There are banners hanging from the windows!

There was some celebration in one of the churches when we arrived. It seems it was splitted into 2 separared worlds. World of munks and working cristians.
The complete place had a very peaceful and calm energy. It made literaly smile.
The town oversees valleys on 3 sides and a hillside with wine.
Assisi is definitely my secret tip for for you, probably best after experience in the big crowded fast Rome.

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