Roma & Vatican

After 9 days we reunited with our parents in Rome. It was feiday afternoon and after some time of catching up we headed for a night city. My father fell asleep from the heat he took over the day so it was just the 3 of us – my sister, my mom and me.
The night tour started at the Spanish steps. From there we found a small a small alley with a nice restaurant to have dinner at. Angelo’s castle and a night view on Saint Peter’s square with a Cathedral was a great start.
What came afterwards was not so very pleasant. The roman (I don’t want to say italian) public transportation system is nice but not very precise or user-friendly (we learned that on many occasions). Some buses come, some don’t. So it happened that our bus did not come at all, unfortunately that was the last night connecting bus to our hotel. Therefore we finiahed our night visit by a 2km trek on a side of the road back to the hotel at 1am.

The second day started a little later amd around lunch the 3 of us were again in the city. Di Trevi fountain (one of the youngest in Rome, only 300 years old) was a good start as it provided some cold water in another hot august day. The girls found a nice restaurant with a menu offer before we visited an amazing architectonical mirracle of Pantheon.
My father joined us around 4 to visit Saint Peter’s basilique in Vatican. We missed the last lift to the tower unfortunately…
One more walk around Angel’s castle and stories of how they (my father, his mom, dad and brother) visited Rome when he wasn a 3rd grader… Very difderent place it seems. Then it was possible to park at S. Peter’s square. Wow.

We splitted one more time with our parents as they returned to the hotel. Originaly we wanted just to walk one more metro stop to enjoy the city but then… We found a local “U Kocoura”. (That is a pub in my parent’s home city which has a weird forces around itself. There is a reversed fan

which sucks you in whenever you just pass by.)
So we ended up sitting in this very nice punk place just 50m from the Vatican wall. We enjoyed the time so much that it almoat didn’t bkther us that another bus went 10min earlier from the schedule. We saw it leaving but couldn’t do anything. We got back around midnight.
For the last day in Rome I had planned Forum Romanum for myself as the others desired to spend the day at the swimming pool. After a common breakfest I went to the city, arrived at the bus stop 400m from the hotel. I used the time of waiting to write some posts but after 1h 20m it seemed to me pointles to go to the city to come bavk for lunch too late, delay the departure, not to spend time with my family… Great great piblic translortation and buses 247! I decided to leave bavk to the hotel. Guess what I saw when I left the bus stop? 247 coming! Oh my dog!

So I also spent a half day at a swimming pool and after the lunch our paths separated. As my mom and sister went for the great public transportation (good luck to you, god bless you all) we sat in Gertruda and started a new manly adventure. First destination: Assisi.

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