Giro d’Italia con Gertruda

Hi, all,

My dream has come true. I have been dreaming about hitting the road in a convertible while heading south.

For some time I thought I would take my girlfried… It turned out I didn’t have one so what now? I have decided to spend as much time as possible with my family therefore let’s do it with them! But wait!

The car (Gertruda) has only 2 seats! My closest family has 4 members exluding animals… The destination is Italy, well the destination is the trip itself but the turning point is Rome.

Aaaand here we go. I drive with my sister (Lucy) today (3rd August 2018) from Brno, Czechia heading to Vienna. We have 7 days to get to Rome. Our parents (Laco and Eve) will fly into Rome on 9th and we stay together til 12th when my sis and mom will fly back and a men’s ride begins on the way back!

Our itenary is:

You can also read an article how much does it cost to get a sexy roadster and stay on budget (loose nerves a little while doing it).

Map of the Roadtrip 2018 – Giro d’Italia con Gertruda

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