So we left Venice after all. It was quite late (around 8:30pm) therefore no surprise that we arrived at Lago di Garda at 1am the next day. Well, to be honest we had an argument with an Italian, were behind bars and spent 25€. Just listen…

We stopped in Padova to see the university. It would be great to see the city from the car with a roof down (still not working). Nevertheless, we took the expensive Italian highway to reduce time (I will count how much we’ve spent in various categories later, I am currious for the scire of highways). So we arrived around 9:30pm to Padova, it was still 31°C, Lucy read the city history from the internet. It is quite interesting, I recommed to you to read it. Then there were limitations for cars amd one way streets. Have you ever driven in Italy? It is (unnecessary) conplicated as a default state but they love to overcomplicate it even more. We never reached the uni 😀 we were so tired and wanted to get to our sleeping spot so soon that we were not willing to walk anywhere. I decided to try from another side and ended up in a street I didn’t like, turned around and a fast red panda stopped in front of us. Friendly welcoming words with in the romantic italian language were shouted to the street in the dark. Cornuto… Ups, a one way street. He waited until I turned and went thw right way, despite the obvious fact that he was rushing originally and I tried to move aside to let him through and then decide my move. He made sure I do the right thing. Such a nice guy 🙂

After that we stopped at Lucy’s desired destination. At home of the biggest love story. (Do you know a bigger love story? Leave me a comment below which one is the biggest). You probably guessed right, Verona. We could see Juliette’s balcony and her statue but the bars prevented is from entering at this late hour. We walked around, sucked the atmosphere, talked about life (a very nice moment), I took some nightshots and we went back to Gertruda. Interesting was the local solution of always-open shops. Dedicated spots with various vending machines, almosz whatever beverage and food you want, pastry…

At Lago di Garda we first sneeked Gertruda to a camp with bungaloves. Our plan to find kust a spot for sleeping bags failed, it was too tidy and effectively build. So we just took a shover. Across the street was a normal camp. Ehm, normal. 22€/car, 15€/person or tent. Goodbye camp.

After a while we found the lake itself with a short bank of grass, end a night bar 😀 we parked and sneaked ourselves to the sleepi g spot. Turned out to be very close to an anthill. Even a hedgehog came to see us during the night, maybe I was making some sounds and he thought he could get late there, no luck here, buddy.

Lazy morning at the lake, beakfest with a bird, bathing, relax, finish of the previous post (on laptop, the first one I was writing over 3 hrs on my cell got lost). Aaaand here we go. Wait! Wineyeards, let’s take a picture of Gertruda. Wait, they could have tools to fix the roof. Tractor guy did bring various screwdrivers despite our incapability to use words to communicate 🙂 unfortunately none of them was torx. So he directed us to a car service garage around the corner and smiled goodbye.

It took two garages to find torx screwdriver and 4 trials to find the right size… Then it was easy. Find the metal part that has fallen out from the microswitch (luckily we didn’t loose it between all the bagages), unscrew the cover, unplug, fix. Repeat. Put all back in. It is not on a very well recheable place so I spent 20 min on the sun in the trunk. Use your imagination: you stand in the shower, your legs are in the river, someone is spraying water on you and all this happens underwater. That is how sweaty I felt 😀

The result of my great work was funcitional roof so we took it down and drove away 🙂 I will be a car doctor one day 😉

In Milano, there are sevaral parkings (max 24€/day), then we rented a bike from BikeMi (Mi like Milano), worked great 🙂 By chance we found Brera Universoty with its open door at the faculty of arts. It was a great experience, nice technics, new technologies, old ones… Great gallery, original experience 🙂

Despite my sister’s fear on the bike we arrived more or less to the hot city centre. We found recommended fried pizza from Zia Esterina Sorbillo (Thank you Demo for the tip, Lucy does not thanks). Then we tried to chill in a shisha bar which was not existing so we got an ice cream. i announce this one World’s best ice cream of 2018! The place is called GROM, I recommend you to find it when you’re in Milano, it is in the centre, close to Duomo.

We liked the main square and the city armosphere so much to decide to stay overnight. Experience, yes please. So let’s try a cheep hotel 😀

I loved it! Maximize the experience! Lucy really didn’t like the shared room and the neighbourhood 😀 cheap super pizza (1/4), fumny people and my upgrade to sleep on the bed on the balcony instead on double level bed. The storm didn’t hit us and Gertruda had also a nice sleep.

On the next day we managed to get to the city early (8:30am, wow!) and saw Duomo di Milano without a queue on the sun 🙂 Found the best spot to eat well in the city centre. Right from the Arch in the Milanean bistrot. Amazing day in Milano.

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