6 Benefits of sleeping in a hammock

I fell in love with sleping in a hammock, especially when on a hike. Of course, as you go higher in altitude the trees vanish and you can’t set it up anymore. But until then, it’s the best thing to do!

1. It’s lightweight

You can save some serious kilograms but changing from tent to a hammock. Really good tents can weight wround 1,2 kg, where a hammock would be up to 450 g. I got a very basic one from Decathlon with 415 g including ropes.

By the test of Gearjunki.com, World’s lighest hammock is Daylite from Superior (128 g).

Daylite128 g 243 x 106 cm
Hummingbird148 g 264 x 118 cm
Sea to Summit154 g 259 x 121 cm

2. Temperature comfort

You gain more temperature comfort by putting your body higher from the ground. THe ground is the source of cold during the night. Remember, the hammock is just a textile where air can travel through, so the cold air will come from below. Therefore make sure to use a mattress to protect you from cold which is similar to regular sleeping in a tent. It is a good practice to use one that goes under your whole body including feet, otherwise you may be cold.

The weight-savers can use the shorter ones of course, for ladies I recommend a long one.

An air mattress in a hammock

The hammock can be installed very easily also when there is a rocky ground. You just don’t care.

3. Insect proof

Insect either flies all aroud you and can be prevented only by a mosquito net or crawls on the ground and can be avoided easily by elevating yourself. So, if you are not a big fan of insect coming to your mouth when sleeping (it would be interesting to know how many have we eanten in our lives for real), then get a hammock.

4. Sleeping comfort

It is the best sleeping comfort I’ve ever had, despite or maybe because of the slight swinging. You really don’t need to roll from one side to another, it is very comfortable to sleep the whole night on your back.

5. The view

How often do you really look straight up. The treetops are somehow magical. Imagine, the last thing you see before you fall asleep is the night sky with stars and the first thing are the treetops.

Switzerland, 2020

6. No morning dew

Sleeping on a glade always means a wet tent or bivouac sack in the morning. The dew forms near the ground (see video).

Therefore you don’t need much time in the morning to pack, everything is dry.

Gadgets for next level

Benefits Limits
+ lightweight
+ great sleeping
+ space saving
– trees or poles needed
– need for a good sleeping bag

My hammock from decathlon has quite short ropes so I had to change them to paracords I bought separately.

I am still at the entry level of the hammock community but I can tell you already, there are some serious benefits there!

How about a hammock with incorporated dawn? All in one system. Check this out.

For other tips please check this Pinterest

I use my hammock for hiking as well as my motorcycle trips. It’s faster than a tent, takes up much less space, it’s lighter and I sleep better.

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